Our people

We have an impact-driven and multidisciplinary team at Assemble. Our combined experience spans property, construction, finance, investment, architecture, urban design, asset operations, community engagement, marketing communications and advocacy. With such a diverse skillset and experience, we are committed to doing things differently and more responsibly in the housing development space. 

Our team

13112023 ASSEMBLE Seven Seeds Kris Daff 120x1290 0113

Kris Daff

Managing Director

13112023 ASSEMBLE Seven Seeds Emma T 120x1290 0112

Emma Telfer

Chief Operating Officer

13112023 ASSEMBLE Matt A 120x1290 0114

Matt Ablethorpe

Director, Portfolio

13112023 ASSEMBLE Seven Seeds Sam D 120x1290 0110

Sam Delmenico

Director, Development

13112023 ASSEMBLE Matthew S 1720x1290 0127

Matthew Sweeney

Chief Financial Officer

16112023 ASSSEMBLE 15 Thompson Housing Statement Dijana Risteski 015
402 Macaulay Road represents the results of a strong collaboration across sectors. These homes are a proof point for how together we can create impact into housing. Most critically they provide a diversity of housing options now, and for future generation.

Managing Director Kris Daff on 402 Macaulay Road, Kensington

13112023 ASSEMBLE Justine 1720x1290 0123

Justine Boland

Head of Relationships

13112023 ASSEMBLE Laura B 1720x1290 0125

Laura Boulton

Head Chef

13112023 ASSEMBLE Emma C 120x1290 0118

Emma Chen


13112023 ASSEMBLE Carman Choke 120x1290 015

Carman Choke

Financial Controller

14112023 ASSEMBLE Placeholder 01

Jessica Dammous

Sous Chef

13112023 ASSEMBLE Priyan 120x1290 018

Priyan Dayananda

Assistant Accountant

13112023 ASSEMBLE Andy Fergus FM 01
Through our Covid experience we have had time to reflect on what we expect from our city, but now we need to convert these ambitions into action, we need to become more demanding, active citizens.

Head of Urban Design Andy Fergus at MPavilion 2022

13112023 ASSEMBLE Stephen D 120x1290 012

Stephen Dodd

Development Manager

13112023 ASSEMBLE Luke E 1720x1290

Luke Eden

Neighbourhood Operations Manager

13112023 ASSEMBLE Maddie E 120x1290 0128

Madeline Ellerm

Community Engagement Manager

13112023 ASSEMBLE Nicola F 1720x1290 0117

Nicola Fawl

Head of Operations

13112023 ASSEMBLE Andy Fergus 120x1290 013

Andy Fergus

Head of Urban Design

13112023 ASSEMBL Es Ingrid L 120x1290 0121

Ingrid Langtry

Head of Place and Experience

16112023 ASSEMBLE MDW2022 Ingrid Langtry Fraser Mc Nally 1720x1290 01
A place based approach considers far more than 'human centred design' - it starts with values and begs the question what kind of community and neighbourhood do we value. It considers people, place, sustainability, economic development, art and culture and local ecology.

Head of Place and Experience Ingrid Langtry at Sustainability Summit 2023

20240426 ASSEMBLE Headshot Danielle Lourdes FM 01

Danielle Lourdes

Relationships Coordinator

13112023 ASSEMBLE Niraj M 1720x1290 0129

Niraj Manuelpillai

Manager, Portfolio

13112023 ASSEMBLE A Lannah M 120x1290 0115

Alannah Manuk

Design and Planning Manager

13112023 ASSEMBLE Maggie M 1720x1290 0126

Maggie McKeand

Head of Impact and Engagement

13112023 ASSEMBLE Fraser Mc Nally 120x1290 0119

Fraser McNally

Creative Producer

13112023 ASSEMBLE Andy Fergus 120x1290 0122

James Niven

Development Manager

16112023 ASSEMBLE Cassette Laura Boulton Ben Moynihan 01
For me, it was about making the best food I could make, accessible to as many people as possible. So that’s about talking to local suppliers and finding local farmers and trying to identify as much local produce as I could, with that root-to-stalk methodology in terms of waste.

Head Chef, Laura Boulton for Broadsheet 2023

13112023 ASSEMBLE Kevin P 1720x1290 0124

Kevin Parker

Project Director

13112023 ASSEMBLE Sophie R 1720x1290 011

Sophie Rzepecky

Head of Brand

13112023 ASSEMBLE Tim S 120x1290 0116

Tim Schaefer

Development Manager

13112023 ASSEMBLE Sara T 1720x1290

Sara Tan

Project Accountant

1501224 ASSEMBLE Staff Headshot Leyton Taylor 01 1

Leyton Taylor

Relationships Manager

13112023 ASSEMBLE Sophie T 1720x1290 010

Sophie Tilley

Digital and Experience Manager

13112023 ASSEMBLE Rob Zeidaks 120x1290 017

Robert Zeidaks

Manager, Investments

Our board

Our Board provides strategic advice to our growing business as we focus on championing new pathways to home ownership and mixed income build to rent, both new and evolving asset classes.

13112023 ASSEMBLE Seven Seeds Angela Emslie 120x1290 014

Angela Emslie

Independent Chair

13112023 ASSEMBLE Seven Seeds Kris Daff 120x1290 0113

Kris Daff

Managing Director

13112023 ASSEMBLE Graham H 120x1290 0120

Graham Hodges

Non-Executive Director

13112023 ASSEMBLE Deborah Kelly 120x1290 016

Deborah Kelly

Non-Executive Director

0103204 ASSEMBLE Nick Dowling Head Shot1350x1080 FM 01

Nick Dowling

Non-Executive Director


Expression of Interest

Want to join our team but don't see your dream job listed? Send us your resume and a little about yourself to hello@assemblecommunities.com