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Wurundjeri Country

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Our vision

Neighbourhood connection in an emerging suburb

For people and place, we designed 38 Albermarle Street to create connection – to the existing neighbourhood, to the city, and to each other. We kept the façade of the old building as a nod to the surrounding area. Shared spaces support neighbourly connections. On the Ground Floor, our café Cassette supplies our residents and the neighbouring communities with zero-waste eats.  

Many of the residents who currently live here were connected during the construction process. Our first project in Kensington, we decided to build here because we wanted more people to have access to good design closer to the city.  

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The home

Designed for full lives

We developed the apartments at 38 Albermarle Street to be a backdrop to your life, for you to make your own. We designed each apartment for the things you’d expect: durability, functionality and longevity. Hard-wearing materials like Dekton in all the kitchens reduce wear and tear.  

Each apartment has plenty of windows – to the open-air walkway and facing outwards to the neighbourhood. That supports the things we know make life healthier inside: like natural light and crossflow ventilation. Apartments are energy efficient too – double glazing and exposed concrete ceilings help regulate inside temperatures. We build apartments that we want to live in – and are proud to say a few of our current and former team live here.  

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A three-bedroom apartment, designed for indoor living and lively entertaining on the large balcony.

Photograph by Tom Ross
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We designed the connection between the indoor and outdoor to create more space and airflow to apartments.

Photograph by Tom Ross
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Knowing that we have certainty over our living circumstances is a huge relief after twenty years of living in rental properties. It's exciting to be living in a community of people that come from all walks of life but shares our values.

Felicity and Shane from 38 Albermarle Street, Kensington

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The building

Built for people and the planet

Your building has had many lives before it became 38 Albermarle Street. First as a wool store, then a bakery, and more recently as a cassette tape manufacturer Dex Audio (who moved next door). We kept the façade as a nod to Kensington’s recent industrial past. After all it’s an original Harry A. Norris design – the local architect behind some well-known buildings across Melbourne, from Curtain House to the Nicholas Building. 

The building supports healthier living and social connection. Central to the design is an open-air walkway that brings crossflow ventilation and natural light to your home. The walkway is like an internal verandah – free for you to park your bike or decorate with plants. We also built shared spaces across the building – on the Ground Floor, Level Two and Level Seven – to extend your apartment, and so you can develop connections with your neighbours. Downstairs, we run Cassette – a sustainable zero food waste café. It’s also where you can find our Neighborhood Team for any enquiries. 

Features of the project

7-star NaTHERS rating

38 Albermarle Street has an average 7-star NatHERs rating – meaning your apartment has a stable temperature no matter the climate and is more cost efficient to run.

100% carbon neutral (operational)

Now’s the time for us to give up gas. We’re proud to say that 38 Albermarle Street is 100% electric. 33.2kW solar panels on the roof power the building's shared spaces.  

In 2022 we launched Assemble Connect; our opt-in embedded energy network that lets residents buy 100% accredited GreenPower® and high-speed internet at lower prices. 100% of the residents who currently live in the building are signed up to Assemble Connect – making the building 100% operational carbon neutral (as of June 2023).  

Shared spaces

Shared spaces across the building are an extension of your apartment and support neighbourly connections to grow. The Albermarle Room on Level Seven is a bookable space with a kitchen and bathroom – recent events have included dinner parties and crafternoons, 40th birthday parties and wedding receptions.  

A washing line, dog wash and play area on Level Two creates the kind of experience you would expect in a ground-level house. And, most importantly, the community herb garden means you will never have to buy lettuce again. 

Ground floor

On the Ground Floor, the shared lending library for tools and appliances is great for saving space in your apartment. The laundry with dryers and washers is run on 100% renewable energy from the solar panels on the roof. The workshop is for doing all those messy jobs – fixing bikes or building planter boxes. 

Sitting beside the shared spaces on the ground floor, you’ll find our sustainable zero-waste café Cassette. Open seven days a week. Cassette is a place to pick up a great coffee, grab essential items (like bread and eggs) from the store or just stop by for a great brunch.

Bike and car parking

We built 38 Albermarle Street with a less car-dependent future in mind. Securely tucked away in the basement, our bike parking can hold 140 bikes. With the Capital City Trail nearby, you can pedal with ease in and around the city, and safely to Brunswick. Our partnership with GoGet means there are also share cars nearby.

Downstairs at Cassette

Named by the resident community, Cassette is our sustainable café on the ground floor that offers a seasonal menu sourced from local farmers and makers. Cassette produces zero food waste via our bio-composter – with compost given to the local neighbourhood and back to the producers we work with. 

Cassette is where you can find our Neighbourhood Team for any questions you may have about your apartment or the building. Here, staff attend to both the café needs and to resident enquiries - a unique service feature across all our projects. 

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The neighbourhood

Life in Kensington

38 Albermarle Street is on the lands of the Wurundjeri Woi-Wurrung peoples of the Kulin Nation. Our project is 3 kilometers from Melbourne’s city, and only a short trip to Brunswick on the Upfield and Craigieburn Line. Sitting between two important waterways – the Moonee Ponds Creek and the Maribyrnong River – this land was an important place of meeting, travel and food gathering for Wurundjeri.   

Kensington is a suburb in transition. Walking its streets, you can see how a recent industrial past is shifting to provide new ways to live together – through different types of housing to cultural and commercial centres like YoungHusband. It's close to many parks, pools and playgrounds, and well-connected to train lines and trams.

People behind the project



Cassette architect

Six Degrees

Landscape designer


Builder partner


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2023 Victorian Architecture Award Winner

Residential Architecture (Multiple Housing)

2023 UDIA Awards for Excellence Winner

Project of the Year

2023 UDIA Awards for Excellence Winner

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