October 18, 2022

Welcome to Cassette, our sustainable eatery in the heart of Kensington

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Doors are open at Cassette - the first hospitality offering owned and operated by Assemble.

Situated beneath Assemble’s pilot Assemble Futures project at 38 Albermarle St. and powered by 100% accredited GreenPower® energy, the café will focus on sustainable food practices and deliver a seasonal menu that champions local producers and makers.

“I wanted to craft an adaptable, ‘from the farm’ style menu that responds to local availabilities and that makes the most of the community of producers and makers around us. We’re aiming to go as regional as possible to limit food mileage and looking to utilize what’s coming fresh out the ground - blemishes and all.”

Laura Boulton, Cassette’s Head Chef

From in-house pickling to ready-made retail preserves, Boulton’s approach to zero-waste cooking embraces a root-to-stalk enjoyment of all fresh produce coming into her kitchen. A Closed Loop bio-composter is on-site to convert all food waste into nutrient rich compost for residents to use in the building.

The name Cassette, chosen by the resident community, is a nod to the historical use of the building by Dex Audio – previously one of the largest manufacturers of cassette tapes in Australia. During the day, the Cassette team operates the café for the wider neighborhood, while also acting as a primary resident touchpoint for residents.

“Cassette is a local neighbourhood cafe with deliciousness and sustainability at its core, but it's also our primary resident touchpoint for everyone living in our first Assemble Futures community. It’s a community hub for all – a meeting place for the whole neighbourhood to enjoy ethically roasted coffee and very local dishes, and by night the space will become an extension of living space for the resident community,”

Ingrid Langtry, Assemble’s Head of Place & Experience

Designed by Six Degrees Architects, this light-filled, welcoming space is framed by a restored Harry A Norris façade and accented with reclaimed Australian spotted gum, terrazzo and raw metals to pay homage to the industrial roots of the neighbourhood.

“This neighbourhood café and retail space will be flexible in accommodating resident needs and as a canvas for the wider community to make their own, with room for all to connect and retreat into this quiet space. The use of durable, reclaimed materials will allow the space to develop a patina that reflects the rich heritage of Kensington and that will age beautifully with community use over time.” said James Legge, Director at Six Degrees.

You can visit Cassette at 399 Macaulay Road, Kensington.

To explore the menu and opening hours, visit the Cassette socials here.

Images by Ben Moynihan