April 04, 2024

38 Albermarle Street wins National Housing Award

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Recently 38 Albermarle Street took home the 2024 UDIA National Award for Excellence in Affordable Housing. 

For what this national recognition means to our team, our partners, our residents and for our future ambitions, COO Emma Telfer said it best when accepting the award:

“We are incredibly proud of 38 Albermarle Street, our first build-to-rent-to-own project here in Melbourne. We think that it contributes to a new time in housing innovation and housing solutions. It is a contributor; it is not the solution. We need many solutions, and we feel like this is just one shift of the needle in affordable, accessible, high-quality, and sustainable housing.” 


"We do also think it represents a time where we are seeing shifts in institutional investment into affordable housing, which has never happened at the scale that it is happening now. This is a new era and one that we're incredibly proud to be part of." said COO Emma Telfer.

"Importantly, thank you to our residents who had the belief and trust in us in 2018. An unknown model, an unknown project, an unknown developer – they believed in this opportunity to achieve home ownership."

We know it’s the design and strategic thinking that's embedded in the project which sees us here today with this recognition. We would like to thank our consultant partners Fieldwork, Six Degrees Architects, Planning & Property Partners and all partners that have worked on the project. We would also like to thank our project partners ANZ, alongside our JV partners, who, without their continued support, we would not be where we are today. 

Thank you to the UDIA National judges for acknowledging 38 Albermarle Street with this national honour and for spotlighting the hard work and dedication of our team, and the innovation behind this project.