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Wurundjeri Country

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Our vision

Neighbourhood connections close to the city

We know there is value in the small moments of connection with your neighbours. From crossing paths in the open-air walkways or parking your bike, to sharing tips in the ground floor workshop. We’ve even included a landscaped park open to the neighbourhood. Across the building, 15 Thompson Street is designed to encourage informal neighbourly connections. 

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Your home

Spaces for a life well-lived

We designed each apartment for the things you’d expect: durability, functionality and longevity. The high-quality fixtures take care of that. We also designed it for the things we know make life healthier inside: like natural light and crossflow ventilation. The interiors are a simple, essential backdrop to your everyday life.

21032024 ASSEMBLE 15 Thompson S Treet Guest House Ben Moynihan 3060x1720 01

Inside a two-bedroom apartment with indoor and balcony spaces for eating and relaxing.

Photograph by Ben Moynihan
20240624 ASSEMBLE 15 Thompson Street Tom Ross 561

We have designed our kitchens with energy efficiency, durability and greater storage options in mind.

Photograph by Tom Ross

Apartment typologies

12122023 ASSEMBLE 15 Thompson Street Studio 912x560 02

For those wanting to lead a small footprint life, ranging from 56m2 to 62m2.

  • Rent from $427 per week 
  • Purchase from $450,000 in 2024 
20240624 ASSEMBLE 15 Thompson Street Tom Ross 549 912x560
2 bedroom, 1 bathroom

For those who need that extra room, ranging from 77m2 to 105m2

  • Rent from $715 per week 
  • Purchase from $750,000 in 2024 
21032024 ASSEMBLE 15 Thompson S Treet Guest House Ben Moynihan 3060x1720 01
2 bedroom, 2 bathroom

For couples or housemates with the option of an added study, ranging from 86m2 to 130m2

  • Rent from $735 per week 
  • Purchase from $865,000 in 2024
21032024 ASSEMBLE 15 Thompson S Treet Guest House Ben Moynihan 3060x1720 011
3 bedroom, 1 bathroom

For those with a growing household or who like the extra space, ranging from 105m2 to 134m2

  • Rent from $800 per week 
  • Purchase from $995,000 in 2024 
20240624 ASSEMBLE 15 Thompson Street Tom Ross 583 912x560
3 bedroom, 2 bathrooms

For those living a small footprint life with their bigger household, ranging from 112m2 to 120m2

  • Rent from $960 per week 
  • Purchase from $1,100,000 in 2024 

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Your building

Designed for climate change

Our building is 100% electric – no fossil fuels are used for heating, cooling, cooking or power. Solar panels on the roof power the shared spaces with renewable energy. Open-air walkways support apartments to be more energy efficient, keeping them cool in the summer. On the ground floor, a considered mix of plants and trees help to cool the entire building and support biodiversity. We also know environmental and social sustainability go hand in hand. Shared spaces across the building are an extension of your apartment, designed to foster neighbourly and community connections.

Features of the project

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NaTHERs rating

15 Thompson Street has an average 7-star NatHERs rating – meaning your apartment has a stable temperature no matter the climate and is more cost efficient to run.

Assemble Connect

Now’s the time for us to give up the gas. We’re proud to say that 15 Thompson Street is 100% electric. 45kW solar panels on the roof power the building's shared spaces. In 2022 we launched Assemble Connect; our opt-in embedded energy network so you can buy 100% accredited GreenPower® and high-speed internet at lower prices.   

Shared spaces

To support neighbourly connections to grow and extend the space in your apartment, we have designed shared spaces across the building. The rooftop for leisure and play. A bookable room for different uses – from dinner parties to Crafternoons. A workshop for doing all those messy jobs – fixing bikes or building planter boxes. And, most importantly, a bookable two-bedroom guest house for when guests come to stay. 

Ground floor

We created a ground floor which connects the wider neighbourhood to the building. At the centre of the building is an internal park, creating a new pathway from Stubbs Street to Thompson Street. The landscaping creates cleaner air, biodiversity, and shade for the neighbourhood. Stoops and seating are for resting, or just watching the day go by. A mixture of office and hospitality venues gives back to the existing neighbourhood and creates an active ground floor. We also built shared spaces just for you, as an extension of your apartment.


We have made the most of the rooftop and designed it as a shared space for leisure and play. Grow your own food in the planter box, cook dinner in the kitchen and pizza oven, or wash your dog after a muddy trip to the park. Hang out in the evening, and watch the city go to sleep. Play ball at the futsal court or get the kids out of our apartment and onto the playground.

Bike and car parking

15 Thompson Street was built for a less car-dependant future. We have built dedicated bike ramps, separate from cars and people walking into the building. With the Capital City Trail nearby, you can pedal with ease in and around the city, and safely to Brunswick. Our partnership with GoGet means there are also share cars on-site.

Your neighbourhood

Life in Kensington

15 Thompson Street is on the lands of the Wurundjeri Woi-Wurrung peoples of the Kulin Nation. Our project is 3 kilometers from Melbourne’s city, and only a short trip on the train to Brunswick on the Upfield Line. Sitting between two meaningful waterways – the Moonee Ponds Creek and the Maribyrnong River – this land was an important place of meeting, travel and food gathering for Wurundjeri. 

Kensington is a suburb in transition. Walking its streets, you can see how a recent industrial past is shifting to provide new ways to live together – through different types of housing to cultural and commercial centres like YoungHusband. We decided to build 15 Thompson Street here, to connect you to the many parks, pools and playgrounds, alongside train lines and trams.

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Project team

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